Coilover Kit SSR700



  • Height adjustable with body-shift (Hi/Lo)
  • 32 steps damping force adjustment (Soft/Hard)
  • Mono-tube internal construction
  • Larger piston diameter
  • Carbon thread casing
  • Chromium alloy coil spring
  • Serviceable
  • 1-year warranty
  • ZERONE SSR700 COILOVER KIT is designed and developed for drivers seeking aggressive handling on both street and track. It offers sporty yet comfortable ride. Featuring height adjustable with body-shift (Hi/Lo), 32 steps damping force adjustment (Soft/Hard), mono-tube internal construction, larger piston diameter, carbon thread casing and cold coiling SAE9254 chromium alloy coil spring. The SSR700 also includes ZERONE’s latest technological innovation, Active Damping Force Levelling (ADFL) system, which significantly improve the ride and driving characteristics of the car. This is the ideal solution for performance-oriented drivers who wish to optimise their roadworthy vehicles for the race course and attach great importance to comfort in everyday road traffic.

    Specifications :

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    • April 30, 2017

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